North Korean Nukes Now Capable of Hitting Australian Cities

North Korea has warned the US and South Korea that there will be no more warnings before launched missiles, while across the world, Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop announces North Korean capabilities of launching a missile attack against Australia. AUSTRALIA – Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop has warned that North Korean ballistic missiles now have [...]

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Unexpected ESCALATION in Korean Peninsula Situation; Getting Dangerous – U.S. States being prepared for nuke attack!

Alaska, Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington are quietly being told to make emergency preparations in case of attack by North Korea as the situation between the North And South Korea took a decidedly dangerous turn this morning when the South Korean Chiefs of Staff issued a terse warning. "If the North continues to make provocations [...]

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1:24 PM Eastern US Time, Sunday 13 March -- North Korea specifically warned today its Hydrogen Bomb "Can destroy Manhattan" the main business center of the United States.  It is ominous they would say this without any context relating to New York, when there is no dispute involving New York, and it could indicate they have [...]

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Russia Warns North Korea: continued Nuclear Threats could justify an INVASION

North Korea’s provocative nuclear rhetoric has gotten so bad even the Kremlin has come out against the hermit kingdom, warning continued nuclear threats could justify an invasion. The warning was issued in the form of a written statement from the Russian foreign ministry. It follows North Korea’s threat it would engage in a “preemptive and [...]

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