Health Benefits of Coconut Water: Boosts Immune System, Prevents Cancer and Nourishes the Body

The micronutrients in coconut water help boost the immune system. Also, hormones called cytokinins that are present in coconut water exhibit anti-aging, antithrombotic and anticancer effects. In the world today, many synthetic materials have found their way into the food and water we consume. It is increasingly difficult to have food or water in their [...]

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When Did You Check Your First Aid Kit Last Time? – It Can Save Lives

Beside the naturist medicine which is important for a long term use, we need to assure a minimal amount of indispensable things in our first aid kit for an immediate intervention. We will never be 100% ready to face a natural disaster or a war that can suddenly occur, but our duty is to be [...]

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6 Plants Other Than Cannabis That are High in Healing Cannabinoids

Cannabis is not the only plant that contains medically beneficial cannabinoids, although it has driven the research to understand the powerful therapeutic properties of these plant compounds. In actuality, there are several plants that are also rich in cannabinoids and benefit the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for helping the body maintain internal balance, or homeostasis, [...]

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Junk Food Vs. Healthy Food: Which is More Expensive?

There is a popular notion that it is cheaper to eat unhealthy foods than healthy foods (fruits, vegetables and organic food), and that the astounding difference in costs determine the diet habits of a lot of people – especially of low-income families. According to Harvard School of Public Health researchers, the healthiest diets cost about $1.50 [...]

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Low Maintenance Houseplants that will Clean the Air in Your Home

When we think of air pollution, our minds naturally gravitate to a city scene, with plumes of smoke, dust and smog, omitting the importance of houseplants. However, in reality, air pollution is often at its worst in our very own homes. In fact, indoor air pollution has been ranked among the top 5 greatest risks to public health by [...]

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Lead Contamination In Water Affects Over 18 Million People in US

After the Flint Water Crisis began in April of 2014, the result of aging pipes leaking lead and heavy metals into the water supply, a major investigation was set in motion to test contaminated water sources all over the US. A report released yesterday by the Natural Resources Defense Council addressed the shortcomings in the [...]

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“Catastrophic” Leak Releases Up To 3,500 Gallons of Radioactive Waste In Washington State

Hanford Nuclear Reservation officials are set to begin pumping an estimated 3,000 – 3,500 gallons of radioactive nuclear waste back into storage containers after a leak was discovered this past Sunday. It is said that the original container holding the material has been slowly trickling out waste, about 70 gallons worth since 2011 but officials [...]

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Health – With Zika Outbreak Imminent U.S. Transfers 600 Million Dollars From Ebola Fund

Washington (health warning) – As winter in the United States comes to an end and temperatures begin to rise, so to comes the annual boom of blood sucking creatures feasting on humanity. Multiple health reports have been released and preliminary estimates all but guarantee the spread of Zika into North America in 2016. As of [...]

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Health – 5 Everyday Home Products that are Intoxicating your Lives

The health - "a must" No. 1 in prepping! Here are 5 items you may want to avoid buying, throw or replace – to protect your health,  rid your home and life of many of potential toxins… Fluoride Toothpaste Risks from ingesting fluoride toothpaste include: permanent tooth discoloration (dental fluorosis), stomach ailments, acute toxicity, skin [...]

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