When Did You Check Your First Aid Kit Last Time? – It Can Save Lives

Beside the naturist medicine which is important for a long term use, we need to assure a minimal amount of indispensable things in our first aid kit for an immediate intervention. We will never be 100% ready to face a natural disaster or a war that can suddenly occur, but our duty is to be [...]

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Lead Contamination In Water Affects Over 18 Million People in US

After the Flint Water Crisis began in April of 2014, the result of aging pipes leaking lead and heavy metals into the water supply, a major investigation was set in motion to test contaminated water sources all over the US. A report released yesterday by the Natural Resources Defense Council addressed the shortcomings in the [...]

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Apocalypse now? Some of the greatest threats that could seriously affect life on Earth

After doom-mongers predicted a massive asteroid disaster, we look at the lethal threats to the human race most feared by scientists. Nobody can say we didn’t have a good innings. After all, the human race has been here for the best part of 2.8 million years. And extinction by space rock is also the subject [...]

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