BREAKING: The Government Actually has a Zombie Apocalypse Plan — and It’s Just Been Declassified

A few years ago, the Center for Disease Control launched a zombie preparedness initiative that drew significant attention. The Department of Defense followed suit and developed an entire training course intended for the Joint Operational Planning and Execution System (JOPES). The complete response plan, called CONPLAN888, was recently declassified, and it’s just as weird and creepy [...]

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This Weekend Iran Launching Rocket Into Space Capable Of Carrying An EMP.

Iran is preparing to launch a rocket into outer space as soon as this weekend, U.S. officials told Fox News. While such a rocket launch would be an apparent violation of a UN resolution which forbids Iran from working on its rocket program, that's likely the least of our worries as West tells us the [...]

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Drought-Stricken L.A. Admits to Using Weather Modification “To Produce More Rain”

The weather patterns have become cruel and extreme. For California, it has meant outright desperation as water reserves disappear and needs for cities and farms have created a standing crisis. Water and rainfall remain consequential to life as we know it. Mankind is no longer leaving it up to just praying for rain and waiting [...]

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Who Is a Threat To You? “Dangerous People to Avoid After the Collapse”

Who can you trust, turn to or rely upon during a collapse? Morals are effectively suspended in the midst of a great crisis. And, as the Canadian Prepper explains, you will want to consider and profile high risk people, dangerous personalities and groups to avoid during a disaster – well in advance. Those with nothing [...]

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Incoming Asteroid Passing Extremely Close: “If It Doesn’t Hit Earth, May Strike Something Around Us!”

It’s not worth panicking over, but it is at least worth mentioning the “chance” that a giant asteroid could hit the planet. Its calculated trajectory varies, with reports claiming it will arrive March 5, or between the 7th and 8th, and will hurl as close as 11,000 miles away from Earth, but that’s about as [...]

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Apocalypse now? Some of the greatest threats that could seriously affect life on Earth

After doom-mongers predicted a massive asteroid disaster, we look at the lethal threats to the human race most feared by scientists. Nobody can say we didn’t have a good innings. After all, the human race has been here for the best part of 2.8 million years. And extinction by space rock is also the subject [...]

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